The Mania of Prophecy

Dark shadows were cast in the great cavern, shadows of hate, shadows of monsters and shadows of madness. Axel walked on unheeding, his long black coat dragging across the floor was the only sound to accompany the echoes of rain dripping through the ceiling.

He stopped at the entrance to the great pit. A yawning chasm hundreds of feet wide and who knows how deep. Axel assumed it had a bottom to it, otherwise where would the frequent, yet faint, roars come from. He smiled to himself. Soon he would awake the 10,000 Beasts of Chaos.

 A new army to throw at his pursuers, a new challenge for him to delight. They had little idea of the magnitude of what was going on, Axel licked his lips in anticipation, there was a hiss from the chasm. Then a great guttural roar filled the cavern. A deep, baleful roar from some abhorrent creature beyond Axel’s, or indeed any human’s comprehension.


 Axel’s ears pricked up. He smiled again. He recognised the voice, the voice of his employer. He didn’t turn, he wouldn’t have seen him if he did.

 “Why not? Destruction for the sake of destruction, it’s what we both exist for.” Axel said back.

 “What do you gain from summoning the prophecy of destruction? The end to all things?”

 “Nothing. I just want to see if I can, to do the impossible. Almost just to see-“ He stopped for a moment, his eyes stared wide into the blackness. They saw nothing, his stare was blind, inward searching himself. He raised both his hands and with a child like smile he finally said “Almost to see how far I can push it. Just to see if I would die, just to see if I can win where it’s impossible to do so.”

 “You’re a fool Axel. A fool is exactly what I need however, it is a shame that such a genius, though mad, is so deluded and doomed.”

 “I’m not doomed.” Axel giggled. “I will show you, I will kill one of the heroes. I will kill said hero now!”

 “Axel, it is not possible to kill a hero of legend. The prophecy of truth said so.”

 Axel’s eyes lit up with a wild fire. “Two wrongs with one right! Defy a prophecy, do the impossible. I love this game!” Axel’s chuckle resounded through the cave, and then it grew into a laugh. A maniacal, horrifying laugh that echoed into the night.

The End

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