Identity Revealed

Kye stared in disbelief at Toroth as the spell he had casted took effect.

"No! Stop it right now!"

Water started pouring from the skies and creating waves around them, although the levels didn't rise. The fires started to die down, and the ground became muddy. Kye had managed to stand on a high rock, watching Toroth from above. "Don't use Animi Aqua's power! Don't call on him!"

Toroth gave him a confused look from where he stood. The water kept falling and their other companions were hanging on to whatever they could so that they wouldn't be swept away by the strong wind that was created. Kye kept looking alarmingly at the skies and crying out at Toroth to stop the spell. "What do you mean stop it? Once it starts, it has to finish! It will put out the fire!"

Kye then jumped to a tree's branch so that he could be closer to Toroth, but before he could land properly a water figure formed itself in front of him and took the shape of a man. Toroth looked slightly surprised by it, but Kye immediatly jumped besides him and stood in front of him. He didn't look afraid, but annoyed.

"Vendiq, you don't need to show yourself!" The shape became clearer and clearer as the seconds went by, and Toroth could see a smile taking shape were the mouth would be. Soon enough, the rain died down and there was a tall man standing in front of them. His hair was long and gray, and his eyes were a startling blue. His skin was a light tan color, and his robes were as green as Kye's eyes. What surprised everyone, though, was his booming laugh, which filled their ears and echoed throught he forest.

"Kye of Green! It's been so long! You don't know how glad I am to see you!"

Toroth stood confused and took a few steps back as the man named Vendiq gave Kye a friendly hug. Mard, on the other hand, ran towards them with his eyes wide opened, dragging mud with his tunic. "V-V-Vendiq! The Revival Spirit of the Seas! The one who controls all water! I can't believe this!"

Vendiq looked down at Mard and blinked a couple of times. He then looked back at Kye and now seemed to notice their surroundings.

"I was wondering how in the world I got summoned! A normal spell can't do that, but if it was you Kye--"

"It wasn't me. Toroth, my companion, used a water energy spell. But since this is my area you somehow must have misunderstood it as my calling..."

"Nonesense! You're Kye of Green! Now explain to me why are you in this form in your own area anyway."

Toroth now took a step forward and grabbed Kye's shoulder. He asked him questions with his eyes, while Kye wished he could slap Vendiq right then and there. Only he would get him into a situation like this one.

"Could you please explain to me how you know the Animi Aqua?"

"What kind of a question is that boy! Don't you know who you are speaking to?"

Again, Vendiq's laughter surounded them. Kye glared at him as took a few steps away from both. But to his dissmay, Toroth and Vendiq followed.

"Kye, tell us what he meant by that."

This time it wasn't Toroth who spoke to him in question, but Desmond. His eyes were stern and demanded an answer. Silence seemed to engulf the place, and everyone waited in expectance.

"Kye, don't tell me you're playing the human again."

"Vendiq, just stop it already! You've made it bad enough as it is!" Kye took a deep breathe and looked at each of his companions. Everything he had planned had been ruined by Vendiq's arrival, and now he had no choice but to tell them who he was. "When I made the army of the dead vanish I used powers that no one else besides my kind can use, and of course, the Highest Power. This area of the mountain is guarded by one of the Spirits of Revival. There are nine in total, and four were assigned with the duty of keeping that demon trapped in this mountain. This area, in specific, is Anime Vita's area. The Revival Spirit of Life"

He stopped to catch his breathe again and glare one more time at Vendiq, who just smiled back at him. "Her name is Livette, and she is known for--"

"Her ability to change her sex when desired!"

"Thank you Mard. Yes, her ability to change her sex. She changes into the male form whenever she is outside of the forest. That male form is know as 'Kye of Green' because of the color of his eyes. She grew fond of that name, and decided to call herself 'Kye of Gold' because of her normal eye color, and is teased by the other Spirits because of her 'human' nickname."

No one moved as they saw Kye's form start to change. His hair grew longer, and his body smaller. His tunic wrapped around his body to form a white dress and light armour, and the hood had become some sort of helmet. And lastly, his sword became a quiver and arrows at his feet. Kye opened her eyes and their golden color startled a few. She gave one last glare at Vendiq and looked right back at Desmond. "And here you have her. Kye of Gold."

The End

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