The One with water is the one with a trident.

Toroth Was useless in the attack with Axel. His swords reach wasn't that high, and his energy level magic was low. Now he was surrounded by fire.  He did something that was odd to the others. He ripped the bag of gold from his bag and dropped it to the ground. He drew a circle ,and cross hairs. That made four empty areas he drew a symbol of energy in each. The circl began to glow. He place the gold coins in the and muttered

" Release potential energy." The gold coins shined brightly then dissapeared. 

Toroth then stood up looking more energetic then was a few moments ago.

" The one who is one with water who wields the great triden. I ask for the sky river of the heavens."  He said shouting over the flames.

The sky's darkened , and then what looked like a tidal wave from the sky apeared.  Toroth fell to the ground. As he he stabbed his blade through the ground.

" Sorry its going to get very wet in a moment. I suggest you hang on to something." He said.

The End

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