Axel's little visit

The giant rock crumbled slightly as Axel hammered his chisel into it. He giggled and hummed maniacal tunes as he went about his business. He kept at it for nearly half an hour, eventually he stepped back and admired his work. A brand new sealed door to Ald'ruin. The darkest dungeon on the largest mountain in the world.

"What's that?" Axel said inquisitively. "Defeated? Oh dear now that just won't do."

With another cackle he began to chant the sacred lines to another spell. As he did so black lightening tore from the ground and began to envelop the madman. Wind howled from every direction towards him as he chanted louder and louder over the great noise of the elements coming together as one. Suddenly there was a flash, then a hiss.

Axel stepped up and unfurled a large pair of black, feathered wings. He grinned into the basin below, having resolved it was time to pay his pursuers a visit. He launched gracefully into the air and began to glide at speed down the side of the mountain.

He landed on a rock a few feet from the group and observed for a short while. The gargoyle was complaining, the wizard was looking almighty proud of himself. There were two warriors, seemingly deciding on their next course of action. Finally Axel moved, he stretched his wings and soared toward the group, some saw him coming and managed to duck. The rest were swept away.

"It's him!" Came the unmistakable cry of Desmond, Axel could see him looking up at Axel. Who to them was little more than a black shadow of a dark angel wrapped in the night.

"Axel, why are you doing this?" One of the group called, the wizard at a closer look. Axel laughed.

"What an oddly out of place question to ask? Why am I doing what? Flying? Attacking you?" Axel lolled left and right lazily as he cackled his reply. "I am doing THIS because it's fun."

The wizard, squinting to see the figure of Axel as he hovered above them suddenly saw a burst of green light rush towards him. He attempted to move but instead managed to trip, lucky for the wizard he roled slightly and found himself safe from the bolt of exploding magic.

"This time Axel! This time I have you!" Came the deep, powerful voice of Desmond. Axel turned to him, his usual wild smile on his face. He heard the twang of a bowstring and two arrows whistled magestically past him.

"Oh dear oh dear. You think you can hit me do you? I am very different from last time Desmond. I have," He paused and looked thoughfully for a moment, as if looking for the right word. "Some new tricks."

Another arrow speared Axel through the chest. Desmond grinned, a hit, a victory yet again for Desmond. It looked like it was over all too easily. He then felt a hard shove from the side.

"Kye?" Desmond called with Alarm. He heard the whistle of an arrow and then a thud, he turned to see his own arrow embedded in the ground.

"Well its been fun. I don't think I am ready to kill you yet. I will save that for later, I'm based just a little farther up the mountain. I hope will join me there, here's a token of my good will!" Axel grinned again, he formed the same green light from before in one hand and his grinned twisted into a mad, hateful, insane laugh.

"Run!" Came the voice of the gargoyle, the group all obeyed. Axel let loose the magic he had stored and the pulsating, sickly green light began to ravage the land. Fires began to burn up and down the mountain as Axel carved great holes in it. With another cackle he was gone. Leaving Desmond and company to fend themselves, split up amongst a great field of fire.


The End

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