Halfway Impossible

'Come on. Get up on your feet.' Mard held out his hand to Desmond, who was standing over him, holding his own out. Gripping it firmly, Desmond pulled and Mard was back up on his feet.

Mard was feeling a little shaky, but nonetheless relieved. He had survived his first real confrontation with the enemy, and he had won. He took a step towards the gargoyle, who was stood still with a firm look on his face, eyes scouring the area for any more of those inhuman monsters.

Desmond stopped him from taking another step. Putting his arm on the shoulders of the mage, he congratulated him. 'Well done, Mard. You really held your own there. And that spell was incredible. If you have more tricks like that up your sleeves, we'll get out of this mess yet!'

Mard smiled, and hoped silently that the Prophecy would be of equal assistance in every battle the team faced.

Desmond continued to speak, but instead, to Kye. 'And you, Kye. You did very well today. I did not know you held that kind of power. Some interesting facts are emerging about all of us, and we will need to know each other's capabilities to prevent any more impossible acts.'

Suddenly, a whiney voice interrupted Desmond's speech. The gargoyle spoke. 'Prevent the impossible?! In case you didn't notice, Desmond, oh mighty leader, Kye just killed an entire legion of undead warriors.'

'Yes, I did,' replied Kye. 'Do you wish I had let them slay you, gargoyle?'

'We can't be killed, lest you forget.'

'Well, I'm not one to strike any impossible acts from the agenda, but if you're so blind as to deny the unlikely, be my guest.'

'One has already died, it will not happen again. That's not even my point, elf. What I'm trying to get at is that you just defeated an undead warrior or ten. You just caused the impossible. Thanks to you, this villain we know nothing about is half way to unleashing whatever horrors he can upon the world. Good going, moron!'

Kye took a bold step towards the gargoyle, obviously intending to teach him a lesson, but he was restrained. Looking to the face of the man who held him back, he was surprised to see not Desmond, but Mard.

'Look, we can't blame this on each other. Axel is the one causing these impossible acts. He's the one that killed the gargoyle, stole the river, caused the trolls to fall in love. And he's the one that unleashed the undead horde. Whether or not it was Kye, somebody had to kill them, and whoever it was would have been the reason this impossible act occured. But it was necessary. If Kye had not done it, if nobody had done it, we'd all be dead, leaving Axel to unleash more impossibilities. Let's stop arguing over petty problems. We need to be a team. It's about time we all accepted that.' Letting go of Kye, Mard ignored the angry look from the gargoyle and began to walk in what he hoped was the right direction.

After several seconds, footsteps followed him. It was Desmond, and he was now walking next to Mard.

'Powerful magic ability and a diplomatic attitude. You're coming out of your shell, young mage.'

The End

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