Slice Through an Army

Kye could see Toroth as he sliced through more of the things that were attacking them. Desmond stood close to him, looking for a way to escape.

"If we don't do something we'll be trapped!" they heard Mard shout.

Standing back to back with Desmond now, Kye concentrated on his blade. Green mist started to emanate from it after a few seconds, and without warning anyone, he launched himself at the army of monsters. Whenever his blade touched one of them, they would crumble and fall, making a pile of bones beneath them.

Even though they had killed many, more kept coming to attack them. Kye had sliced through many that surrounded Desmond and himself and had made his way to were Toroth attacked frantically.

"Stop being so reckless! Think before you attack!"

With that he killed five more with a big swing of his blade. Kye glanced around and saw that they had been all surrounded.

"We have to find a way to get out of here!" Desmond shouted as he defended himself from the hord of monsters. The gargoyle slamed his fist against one of the things and sent it flying in the air. Seeing as he had no choice, Kye dropped his sword and raised his hands. His eyes were a golden green, and he pulled his hood up.

"How dare you step foot in sacred ground? For this, you are all banished from this world!"

Kye's new voice resounded through the forest as he spoke those words. His skin had been glowing, but his tunic had covered him so that no one could see it. If anyone would have seen his face as he spoke, they wouldn't have'd recognized him. After a few seconds, the army started to be engulfed in purple smoke. Little by little they would dissappear  into nothingness, and Kye's companions watched in wonder, wondering were the voice had come from.

The End

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