A battle.

Toroth gripped his sword and charged after Desmond and Kye drawing as he runs. The first enemy he run into is cleaved in half from the sheer wieght of the blade. Toroth spun around  and sliced through another enemy. There was  so many. Toroth couldn't see his companions.

" Oh well just have deal with all of you a little faster." He muttered standing his ground.

Not allowing one enemy to have chance to slice him through. He contined to perry duck dodge slice. But it seemed endless. He began to back up the hill to find his companions.  Kye and desmond had the enemy stepping backwards. He couldn't see the gargolye but he should be fine seeing that he can never die.  Toroth decided to attack from the side that was trying to flan Desmond and Kye posistion. He charged back done slicing through the enemy.  For someone who doesn't deal to much with large hordes he seemed to be doing fine. When he got Kye's and desmonds position there where surround by enemys. Toroth acting like a total ammuture charged without any battle plan.

He chopped through enemy leaving a small gap to exit through But then realized He was getting surrounded himself.

" There so many." Toroth said blocking a giant axe from cutting him down.

" Fool." Desmond muttered.

" Fool! I am no fool. I will get us out!" Toroth yelled,  as magic began to encircle him.

His reflexes, speed , strength , and reflexes improved. At the cost of not using the magic to cast powerful defensice spells but his stronger combat abilities could possibly compensate.

The End

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