Battle is joined

Mard heaved again. Stupid curse, its not even that nice a sword. Why put defences on it. Mard would have gone so far as to say that Toroth couldn't pay someone to give that piece of junk away. Mard grumbled to himself a little more as he heaved again and again.

"Can we get moving now?" Desmond sighed with impatience.

"Um probably going to be difficult." Kye said looking over the ridge.

"What now?" Desmond said looking up at Kye.

"Well we have an army of, well of something coming our way."

Desmond ran over to Kye and looked down the ridge to see a horde of shambling, skeletal creatures marching inexorably towards them. He pulled out his bow and placed an arrow over the shaft. He lifted and took aim, choosing one of the larger ones. He loosed the arrow and it flew straight and true, smashing the skull of his target. It barely surprised him that the thing continued to walk.

"Battle positions everyone." Desmond shouted.

Mard heaved again when he heard this. He grumbled to himself, why should he have to fight, he couldn't fight anyway. Was that a carrot in that patch of vomit, Mard didn't even like carrots.

"Listen up mage. There are a lot of creatures coming your way. Do you think you could at least try and cast a spell or two to help your friends out?"

"Prophecy?" Mard choked.

"Yeah that's me, get off your lazy behind and get ready."

Mard obeyed groggily. He shambled up to the group who had all prepared for battle.

"Now I am going to teach you a simple fire spell. Listen carefully."

"Charge!" Desmond called and the group hared off down the hill, waving swords around like flags. Mard looked on desparingly.

"Do I have to follow?" Mard asked submissively.

"Um yeah, that would help."

The End

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