Second time in 12 hours.

The stupidity of the mage was angering Toroth even if the blade didn't have a defense the mage could never take the oversize thing out. The anger dissapted knowing that he was only trying to help.  Now he had to summon Gorad the difference between summoning someone who is sealed and someone who not is that. The sealed on doesn't need a stable transition because he most likely can't move. But gorad isn't sealed so he needed a stable transition material and that was rock.  The conversation was swift Toroth stabbed the unfortunate gargoyle.

" Sorry Gargoyle, Gorad will patch you up afterwards. My associate." Toroth being kind for the first time to the group.  From there Toroth magically drew in a summoning circle.

"Okay I need to find his general location it won't take to long." Toroth said stepping back. 

He closed his eye searching for Gorads unique magical being. He was quite far away it was going to take more energy then Toroth really had to give. He knew it was more important to have mard free than his own energy level.  He stepped  towards the injured gargolye and the summoning circle.

" This may hurt never had to summon through a gargolye." Toroth spoke to the gargolye.

He muttered a few words, Afterwards a bright flash of light then Gorad emerged unhappy from the summoning circle.

" You fool what do you need!" Gorad yelled at Toroth.

" The defence mechanism froze him." Toroth pointed at mards stiff grey body.

" Didn't I teach you how to undo this mess." Gorad mumbled, " Its simple fool. You gather some magic and you electrify them why holding you sword to his forehead!" The wizard yelled into his head. 

" Sorry Gorad." Toroth replied , " Are your meetings done?"

" Yes your very luck they are." Gorad replied. As he showed Toroth how to free poor Mard. 

After he finished the final step Mard Immediatly unfroze and puked.

" What the hell? Why would you have such a defence?" Mard yelled at Toroth.

" Ask him." Toroth Mumbled , " Gorad I know its alot to ask for but can you heal the gargoyle as well."

" I put the defence in the blade becaust that blade is not any oversized blade." Gorad mumbled as he began to heal the gargoyle.

" So Gorad are you going to go back or are you joining us." Toroth asked

" I'm staying." He replied. 


The End

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