Sword in the Stone

Toroth snored loudly, even as the sun rose in the distance, casting long shadows on the already wakened troupe that were prepared for another long day of travel. All, except for Toroth.

'Just wake him up,' grumbled the gargoyle.

'He won't be happy...' muttered Kye, wary of the likelihood that Toroth would get up and thrust his sword into the gargoyle's stone chest.

'When is he ever happy, anyway?' The gargoyle replied.

'We do need to move,' said Desmond, looking off into the long grass. He turned back to his companions, then took a few short strides until he was standing over Toroth, casting a heavy shadow on his face.

This seemed to stir Toroth, despite him not being awakened by any of the conversations that had occurred already this morning.

'What?' Toroth moaned, his eyes remaining closed.

'We're leaving, Toroth, we need to keep moving,' said Mard.

'Who put you in charge, boy? Or did you hypnotize Desmond and force him to relinquish his leadership?' Toroth, as Kye had predicted, was no happy.

'Look, he's just trying to help. Pack up your bedroll and let's go.' Kye knew that Toroth would listen to him, even if he didn't want to.

'Fine,' he grumbled, rolling over and pushing himself up. 'Just give me a second to wake up...'

'Maker, how long do you need? You had the same amount of sleep as the rest of us!' The gargoyle chipped in.

Toroth's eyes suddenly snapped open, wide awake and ready to argue. 'As I recall, gargoyle, your kind does not require sleep. I don't expect you to understand.'

'Can we all just stop arguing and get going? The longer we wait, the more impossible things happen, the closer we get to our demise!' Mard stepped in, fed up of all the hassle everybody was giving each other.

Toroth started to roll up his bedroll, and Mard saw his sword sticking out from a large boulder in the ground. Reaching over, he took a hold of it, intending to pull it out and give it to Toroth.

Toroth caught a glimpse of Mard, doing potentially the most stupid thing he could ever do. Magic could not protect him from the mighty flash that suddenly erupted from the rock, shattering it into a million pieces and freeing the sword, shivering all the way up through the blade and into Mard. Releasing the sword and flying back, he suddenly froze in the air, retaining his position, but continuing to fly, until landing awkwardly on his back.

'Great...' Toroth sighed. 'This again.'

'What in the name of impossibility did you just do?!' The gargoyle shrieked.

'...Yeah, it's happened before. It's a security thing. My blade is very... Defensive.'

Looking over to the inanimate Mard, he had a slight grey tinge to his skin.

'What's that?' Kye asked.

'...Rock. The mage is made of an artificial rock that will keep him like this unless I release him.'

'Well what are you waiting for? Him to grow moss?! Unfreeze him! You're wasting time!' The gargoyle was infuriated. He knew Toroth was trouble.

'Well, it's not actually me. It's my... Associate. I need to summon him through a rock, and a short ritual.'

'Just get on with it, please,' Desmond interjected patiently.

'Yeah, there's the problem. Where do you see any remaining rocks? That one shattered, and I can't use Mard. It's artificial.'

'What are we going to do, then?!' Kye and the gargoyle spoke in unison.

Glancing over to the gargoyle, more in shock from their shared thought, Kye suddenly raised an eyebrow. The gargoyle returned his glance, and clicked after several seconds.

'Whoah there! No way are we-'

Before the gargoyle could protest any further, Toroth's sword was through him, narrowly missing where the gargoyle's brain would be. If they had such a luxury.

The End

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