Axel's Hordes

"It's about time you got back in touch with us." A icey voice said as the magical image flickered on the seeing stone. "We have heard a few tails of your deeds, its not quick enough Axel. We only have a short time on this world to take advantage of this. The prophecy must come true!"

Axel stared at the hooded image on the seeing stone. Magi-grams they called them, but Axel preffered to just term them pictures. He was a simple man with simple tastes.

"The party is formed, they are resting on the ridge of mount massive. What will you have me do?" Axel said to the image.

"Do not react directly, powerful warriors are the death of reckless men. However stop at nothing to make sure they don't reach the mountain. Mount Massive will collapse, it is imperitive." The image said once more it began to flicker rapidly, Axel watched calmly as the image finally dissapeared and the seeing stone remained dormant.

It struck Axel as rather strange that he was out here on his own without any help or backup from his 'all powerful' employers. Maybe they're on a budget? Axel's thoughts trailed of in all kind of directions, eventually winding up on the total market value of Melfite turnips if the prophecy actually only created a worldwide recession. Axel often did this, eventually he came round and remembered what his actual job was.

He turned and looked into the nearby basin, troll bones, human bones and even the odd set of dragon bones were scattered here. Axel began to chant arcane phrases whilst waving his hands in a silly, almost voodoo dance.

A sickly purple haze began to whirl up from the floor of the basin, seeping over and into the scattered bones. They began to form shapes of creatures that they once were. Only without the skin, or eyes or just about anything they had before. Some of the bones got a little bit mixed up and created some very strange, although no less monstrous things.

Axel grinned malevolently at his undead army. He raised his hands in the sky then pointed in the direction of the group of heroes quietly slumbering.

"Kill them all!" Axel shouted in the most dramatic and lordly way he could. He felt a little dissapointed in the response he got, not a single monster replied, Axel knew full well this was due to the utter lack of voiceboxes on dead things but he couldn't help but feel slightly under whelmed. He was happy however, with the immediate response of his new minions, they all turned and began to climb out of the basin in the direction of Desmond and the rest of the group.

Axel's eyes glinted with madness in the moonlight, tonight his next victory would be secured, he was sure. He sat down, lit a pipe and began to savour his imminent victory.

The End

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