Toroth was bored actually he's always bored unless fighting then you see the young annoyance turn into a honorble warrior. Of course though he wasn't fighting.

"Stupid Gargoyle saying my sword shoddy smith work." He muttered under his breath. He drew the blade and stabbed it into the rock we was slumped on.

" Thats not a way to treat equipment." Desmond told him.

" No it isn't atleast for yours." Toroth replied

" What makes your blade different?" He asked

" Where and how it was made." Toroth told him since Toroth didn't pay any attention to Gorad , when he was telling him why he must stab the oversized blade into rocks.

When it was Toroth turn for watch. And everyone had finally gone to sleep Toroth began his little plan for information.

He drew a circlce with the coordinates of where something was stored.

" I summon thee rock demon of Toroth." Toroth mutterd

The ground where the circle and co ordinates where drawn became liquid it turned black when a one armed figure appeared. The figure was very humanoid looking beside the angry flame that came out of the figures body it must be a demon.

" What do you want Toroth?" It asked angerly  

" Information regarding The Great Demon shrahmeck." Toroth replied.

The demon looked scared and shocked.

" Where did you hear that name?" It said

" Vigorick, I'm the one asking questions." Toroth pointed out.

" I don't know much since he disapeared long before my time. What you should know is even the most recent Demon leaders fear him."  Vigorick said.

" The guy sounds like he scares the world." Toroth joked.

" You must tell me why you would want to know about him." Vigorick said ignoring the comment.

"   Aw you feel for me. Proud demon warrior." Toroth teased him.

If the demon was not bound by the shackals of sealing and Toroths own spells. The demon would have killed  Toroth where he stood.

" Because Vigorick some companions and I are heading to his resting spot .and for once in my life I admit I have fear." Toroth said seriously, " One other thing a traveller says there is an evil prowling around right now. Can you tell me what it is?" 

" I wouldn't know but if i were you exactly I would turn tail." The demon said sternly.

" Vigorick if you where me you wouldn't be a coward."  Toroth said rudely.

" Is that why you called he here to insult and gain information." Vigorick said calmly.

" No, just the information, insults is what you get giving me cowardly advice." Toroth said.

" Toroth your not a demon and demons fear the place your heading too." Vigorick said as he disapeared.  

" So my fears are quite valid." Toroth muttered to himself afterwards. kicking the dirt to cover the summoning circle.



The End

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