Stubborn as Rocks, but Only One is a Gargoyle

Desmond had ignored the sounds of his companions - more like tag-alongs - for a few hours now. He had instead been concentrating on the sounds of his surroundings. The breath of a creature stalking the night, or the wind in the grass or the trees...

He knew the area well, as few did, and he knew that when the moon was this high, and unfamiliar travelers were going about their business this far from home, Desmond knew that there was a potential for danger.

And now the grass was increasing in length, and the visibility, whilst already poor, was decreasing. Holding up a fist, he indicated to his 'companions' to stop in their tracks.

Kye was the first to see the raised fist, and from his past, he understood what it meant. He didn't doubt that Toroth too knew its purpose, and so when he stopped, he expected Toroth to join him.

Instead, Toroth looked back at him but continued walking, until he was next to Desmond.

'What the hell are you doing?' Desmond asked, looking back to see him.

'Checking to see if you're okay. I'm a skilled warrior, I could easily defend you from whatever is out there in the night.'

Kye watched the conversation. It was evident that Desmond was fed up of Toroth already, as he himself was. Kye was just better at hiding it.

Turning back, Kye saw the gargoyle and Mard making their slow approach. They were talking, and had not yet seen that their leader had signaled for them to stop.

'Psst, you two. Stop a second. Something's up.'

Mard, wanting to please his leader, stopped instantly, and although the gargoyle seemed to slow - which wasn't exactly easy to notice, due to his already slow pace - he continued, shouting back unnecessarily loudly to Kye.

'I ain't stopping, mate. Once I slow, I can't get going again for a little while. Better to keep a-rolling!'

The gargoyle's yell echoed through the land, and Toroth turned back to him, shouting in response.

'Aw, will you shut up, gargoyle! You're going to get us all killed!'

'Oh, well sorry for trying to keep up the pace. Either you want me to speed up or you want me to stop. You're more indecisive than a gremlin on fire!'

'Don't start on me, gargoyle. I'm getting annoyed now, and am quite tempted to come back there and cut you through!' Toroth shouted back, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword.

'I'd like to see that shoddy smith-work cut through solid stone, idiot!'

'Oh, will you two just shut up for one second!' Desmond lost his cool. He didn't mean to shout, but he was fed up with the arguments between the two of them. Both so hot tempered, both as annoying and stubborn as one another.

Both now completely silent. Desmond was turned around, looking from Toroth to the gargoyle, waiting for one to speak just so he could shout them down again.

When neither of them made the unwise decision to argue, Desmond spoke.

'We shouldn't enter this area until morning. There is unspeakable evil in this patch of land, and it roams deadlier during the night. We should wait until morning when the threat is small and our bodies are refreshed.'

There was some space between them, and so Mard had not heard exactly what Desmond had said. Whispering to the gargoyle, he asked him to relay it.

The gargoyle hadn't heard it either. 'What's going on now?!' Again, shouting.

'If you listened, we're stopping for the night!' Toroth shouted back. Under his breath, he complained. 'Gargoyles. Hmph.'

The End

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