The Bone-Quivering Tales that Gargoyles Weave

As the group of five, led by Desmond the half-elf, strode on through the night, all were feeling the ticking clock of time upon their eyelids, save for Desmond, who was too determined to halt, and the gargoyle, who by nature did not sleep.

Desmond walked several metres in front of the other four adventurers, followed by Toroth and Kye, who seemed to be getting along, even if their banter seemed a little forced. Bringing up the rear were the gargoyle and Mard, both walking fairly slowly and constantly being the subject of ridicule from Toroth.

'C'mon, slowpoke! Let's see you pick up those legs!' Moroth shouted back after the three determined warriors had to stop for the gargoyle and Mard, who was patiently walking next to him.

'Listen, you squat-plough! If you had legs of stone and were not used to long distance travel, you would have passed out of exhaustion a few hours ago. I would have been happy to see that happen, and probably would have left you for the hunters of the night. I'll have you know that I am one of the fittest gargoyles in the city. Maybe even in the world.'

'Is that really something worth commending, though?' Toroth seemed to love the sound of his own voice, and by now, even Kye was only half-laughing, and Desmond, who had tried to cut himself off from the conversation, was starting to get a little rattled.

'Why, you are by far the rudest lanky-leg I have ever encountered!' The gargoyle screeched. 'I have a right mind to teach you a lesson. Rock against skull would easily triumph, my friend.'

'Haha, you'd have to catch me first!' Toroth burst out laughing, then decided he had won this argument. He went back to his conversation with Kye.

Mard looked down at the gargoyle, who had morphed into a statue of hate, literally. He had stopped moving, and his forehead was permanently creased into a deep furrowing frown.

'Gargoyle, now is really not the time to stay still.' Mard tried to convince the gargoyle to continue moving, even at his admittedly slow pace.

Suddenly, the gargoyle snapped out of his pose, and continued to hobble onwards, now even further behind the others than he had been.

'I tell you, mage, when that arrogant warrior sleeps tonight, I will reduce his bones to dust, scatter them to the wind and bring him back to life simply to watch him chase after them.'

Mard laughed. 'You'd need magic for that.' He continued laughing.

'Why else do you think I'm trying to make friends with you?' The gargoyle replied.

Mard continued to laugh, but his previously jokey attitude had now been replaced with a silent wariness of this gargoyle. He was a rather gruff fellow. Mard hoped he wasn't always this grumpy. 

The End

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