The unfortunate Trolls

"So Toroth, the great warrior who wields a super big sword, got beaten up by a lesser demon now we are going to fight a greater one?" Mard said, he didn't like fighting. The closest to a fight he had actually got into was a fist fight with an under wizard when he was nine. It was against a girl, he lost.

The mismatched group of wanderers had began to climb nearer and nearer to mount massive. Mard stayed near the gargoyle, as he was just as grumpy and irritable as he was. Perhaps they could moan about the bone-headed, fiery and reckless warriors that had entered the group.

"Shhh, get down." Desmond hissed the order for silence and the group darted into a nearby shrub, the warriors prepared their weapons. "Trolls."

He was right, all different kinds of trolls, looking very confused as they wandered the rock strewn mountainside.. The river trolls wandering around were staring at the floor as if they had lost their river. The cave trolls were a little bit stuck, they had become solid statues in the sun. The mountain trolls were talking to eachother. Mard felt a massive hand on his shoulder, he turned to see a troll looking, with its tiny, green eyes directly into his.

Mard screamed and tried to get away, twisting and wriggling pathetically in the massive, vicelike grip of the trolls. Desmond jumped up as did the others and all unsheathed their various weapons. The troll instantly let go and braced itself for an attack.


The entire group heard it, the voice of the prophecy. The group did as it was told, Mard shrank weakly into the shrub and pulled a branch down over his face. Mard thought this was fairly cunning cover, although it was about as effective as a mouse hiding behind an ant.

"That troll won't hurt you, he is afflicted."

"By what?" Desmond said.

"Love. Axel has been through here and made the mountain trolls fall in love with him, he then stole the river trolls river."

"How do you just steal a river?" The Gargoyle said.

"How do you make a troll fall in love? That is two more impossible deeds performed. So thats four out of ten. You guys need to get a move on a bit."

The group generally agreed, except Mard, who was too busy cowering to care. The troll turned and lumbered away, he seemed to be making a feeble attempt at crying. Trolls never usually cried, especially mountain trolls, they were made of pure rock. Rocks couldn't cry, come to think of it rocks couldn't move. As the group prepared to carry on Toroth noticed the wizard hiding in the shrub. He reached in and yanked him out.

"So your a coward, you have no weapons and you can't even do magic. You're a bit of dead weight really aren't you?" The warrior said mockingly.

Mard pointed his finger up in a "I'll have you know" Protest sort of way. He decided against it, he had no real argument and he didn't want Toroth to hit him or something. Mard silently fell back into the group and took his place by the gargoyle. The sun began to slowly lower itself behind mount-massive. The group became silhouettes in the distance night began.

The End

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