Laughed off

The strange changing form began to warn Toroth and the other dangers of going to mount - Massive.

" The great Demon Shrahmeck is kept captive in that mountian and is gaurded by four of the nine spirits of revival."  He Siad.

Toroth waited for the guy to finish before he began to laugh.

" Have you ever fought A demon? I have to admit hardest foes I've ever had to deal with. Thats how I ended up wealing this thing." Toroth said tapping the blade. Then showing his arm was not at all normal," The damm demon ate my arm. I used that opening to incapacitate it, and steal it arm. With little bit of Magic I got my self a demon arm. Do have to admit though its more trouble than its worth." Toroth boasted.

" Interesting tale . Your name?"  The  guy said

" Toroth. Yours?" Toroth replied

" Kye. Interesting tale you have there but the demon you fought was probaly not a great demon." Kye remarked

" Very true. Still reasons for going to Mount - Massive really lies on our friend her Desmond. My reason I was ordered too and it sounds like fun." Toroth replied still keeping his former overconfidence. 

Kye only looked at the young warrior as if he was insane which may be it. Greater demons power is nearly insurmountable to lower demons power.


The End

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