What is in Mount-Massive?

Kye kept his hood up the whole time he talked to the half-elf. He wasn't afraid of being mistaken for an elf, which happened all the time either way, but of turning back into Gold Kye. Being out of his forest for long periods of time without his necklace made him change back and forth because of the rays of the sun, meaning he had to go get it. It was a very complicated thing to explain, and Kye didn't even like  thinking about it much.

"-and dragons and ogres and who knows what else will be there."

The gargoyle had been naming of different creatures that he thought lived in Mount-Massive and Kye couldn't help but speak up.

"Dragon's are rare, and there are no ogres in Mount-Massive. Ogres would be the least thing to worry about, anyway."

"You've been to Mount-Massive?" Desmond turned to look at Kye. They were face to face, noses leveled with each other's and shoulders squared.

"Yes, I have. And it is not somewere you would like to visit. The great demon Shrahmeck is kept captive in that mountain and is guarded by four of the nine Spirits of Revival. Going  to that mountain is one of the biggest mistakes anyone could make. Once you're in the Sealed Area, it is very difficult to get out. And there are creatures in there that no ordinary person has ever seen. Things that haunt you in your mind's eye forever afterwords."

"I thought that was just a myth!" Mard sat back down on the ground, looking at the dark fabric of his tunic.

"It's not. And I don't understand why any of you would wish to go there willingly."

The End

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