New companions

Desmond Stopped the oversized blade from killing the wizard. First off What the hell is an underwizard. 2 I never seem to get along with any wizards except  Gorad and that's only because Gorad isn't an arragant fool. Torren thought. Desmond muttered something about teamwork and being dead. Torren considered attacking the warrior , but before he acted on it. He decided it would be better to work with him. For now.  He sheathed his blade on his back. The Wizard also backed off.

" Okay." Torren says. He turned around to the gargoyle who was still muttering about mount Massive many beasts

"Ah none of them are that bad compared to the Beasty I saw." Torren said.

" And that was?" The Gargolye asked unbelieving

" You've heard of the beast of the deep , and caves?" he continued

His muttering stopped and if Gargolyes eyes could go wide his would have.

" Yeah, we should be fine." He said taking notice of the wood elf and Desmond.

Both probably unargueably most skillfull on this type of mission.  Torron on the otherhand rarely brought anything back alive.  Only that crazy Immortal except he had to bring him back in pieces.  Begining to lose interest on setting up Becuase His bag of food and my supplies were ready for the trip. So he decided to practice his control over magic making a small orb of energy that must not release and must stay between his hands. The ultimate goal was to get it to 5 feet in diameter. But He usally failed at 2 feet though. 

The End

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