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"They say there are troll tribes living in the mountains."

"Vicious harpies that'll devour anything...even if I am immortal I can still be tortured by those twisted hags."

Desmond scratched the tip of his nose as his two companions began to drone on and on of the various monsters and savages living near Mount-Massive. So far they had named seven various tribes of orcs or trolls, large and terrifying snow primates known as yhetees, harpies, ice daemons and even an ancient dragon that resided in the mountaintop.

"Hah! Those don't sound the least bit frightening!"

Desmond, Mard and the Gargoyle turned to see two figures walking towards them. One a fire eyed young man with a broadsword in hand and a bag slung over his back. He had a large grin on his face as he swung the unusually large sword, swinging it like a simple wooden staff. Mard scowled at the sight of him.

"Toroth the Monster Hunter," he said gritting his teeth. "No good money grabber and errand boy." Desmond ignored Mard's rant and shook his head at the youth. Let's hope he listens more than he speaks.

He turned his gaze towards the man wearing a tunic, the hood over his head. His eyes had an alarming green glow to them, his blade in a scabbard adorned with vine-like designs. Another elf? 

The orange-eyed boy turned to the other stranger before speaking. "Name's Toroth. And you must be Desmond...oh and you two are the wizard and the gargoyle."

Desmond sighed as the gargoyle; Mard and Toroth began to argue. The tunic clad warrior made his way beside Desmond, his head bowed low, as if to conceal his eyes. Desmond looked down and noticed he was wearing armour, armour he had seen only once before.

"You some sort of Wood-Elf?"

The figure shook his head. "Close," he said, turning to him and outstretching his hand. Desmond looked at the hand and then at his face, noticing a distinct copper coloured hair. "Name's Kye."

Desmond shook his hand, glad that he shook hands like an elf. Not an attempt to crush him but instead a light one to show he had nothing to prove or hide about himself. "Desmond." Kye nodded, placing his hands on his sword's hilt as they let go of each other. "So I assume you're here about the gargoyle's death?"

Kye nodded, suddenly turning to see Toroth draw his blade at the wizard. "I think that our group will need a little...working on." Desmond rolled his eyes and grunted in agreement, leaping just in time to catch Mard's hand and block Torth's blade with the wrist protector he had on his right arm.

By Aeris we better be able to work together...otherwise we're as good as dead.



The End

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