Kye the Guardian of Gold and Green

Kye stepped out of the small pond she was bathing in. Her long copper hair curled at the ends and cascaded down her back in waves. Her golden eyes shone with a misterious glint, and her pearl colored skin looked smoother than velvet. The side of the forest she lived in was very secluded, since only very powerful beings lived there. Not only that, but it was her job to guard the mountain, along with a few others who were scattered around it. It was peacful around her, and she could sense the soft flutter of small wings approaching her.

"Myrkraid, why the hurry?" she asked out loud, as she slipped into her white dress. There were armour pands attached to it, and her helmet lay besides a big Bdre tree. Bdre trees were said to make a human invinsible for at least a year, but would supposedly kill them afterwords. To creatures like Kye, though, its fruit only served as a delicious snack.

"I-I have news for you!"

A tiny fairy emerged from the darkness of the forest, and flew rapidly to the direction were Kye was. She already knew what the fairy had to say, but since she had made such an effort to reach her, she thought it wouldn't be nice to pretend she knew nothing.

"Well, tell me."

"A gargoyle was killed in the city!"


"Yes! It's part of the first prophecy!"

"Uh-uh, so you say?"

"What are we going to do?!"

Kye turned to look at her exited fairy, who was neither a girl or a boy. Fairies like Myrkraid had no sex, but always managed to look like tiny girls, even though their hair was short. "Well, I'm going to go to the city to check things out. If you want, you can stay here and play tricks on humans that get too close."

At the sound of doing naughty things, Myrkraid's face lite up. Fairies were devious things and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to bother other creatures. Kye smiled and started at the direction that wold take her out of her territory. She picked up her helmet from the ground and looked for her quiver and arrows, which were laying on the ground, not so far off. As she hurried on, her hair started getting shorter, and her beautiful face grew sharper. A curved jaw gave way to a squared one, and her small figure turned muscular and rough. She became taller and her dress slowly weaved itself into a tunic. Underneath the tunic lay an armoured body and a sword which rested by his hip. Kye adjusted his tunic to accomodate him better, and moved his sword, which used to be quiver and arrows, to his left side.

It didn't take long for him to reach the end of the forest and get near the city. Beings like himself could weave shortcuts through the longest forest that could help them cross it in a matter of minutes, or make other creatures never leave that very same forest, no matter how hard they tried. His copper hair covered his deep green eyes, and his helmet had become a part of the tunic. The tunic's hood, to be exact.

I can smell foreign magic here. Dark one.

"Kye of Green. I am filled with relief to see you here."

A small gnome priest looked up at Kye with a small smile. He looked tired, but not very troubled.

"Could you explain to me what happened?"

"No. I don't know much, but I think that Mard, the wizard, knows plenty of it. I saw him with talking with a gargoyle and the half-elf Desmond a few seconds ago, and they seem to know much more about it than anyone else in this city. Thank you for coming."

"No need to thank me. Now, please, could you show me were they are?"

"Right outside the city. I think they might be heading out towards the mountain."

"Thank you." Kye turned towards the direction the priest pointed him to. In the city, he was just known as Kye of Green, an expert swordsman who was raised by wood elves. He, of course, wasn't raised by wood elves, or was remotedly human, for that matter. No one there really knew who he was, and he planned to keep it that way. He was like a protector to a lot of them, and that was his un-official job. He got closer to were the three were sitting, and noticed someone else approaching them as well. What's with all of this mismatched group?

The End

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