The rumour

Toroth lead the still outraged Wizard to the main road. Suddenly Gorad's outrage dispersed.

"Hmm the road is empty, and the scent in the wind is saying that a Gargolye has been killed." Gorad said with concern

" Isn't that impossible." Toroth pointed out the obviouse.

" Yes you thick fool! It is." He yelled, then mumbled , " Hmm it can't be." The wizard said under his breath.

" What can't be Gorad." Toroth asked

" Later. We should continue to the city,and get more infromation. While you pick up your reward." The Wizard said.  

A little outside of the city, the reknown adventure Desmond sat with a , mage , and Gargoyle. Toroth tried to continue on keeping his mouth shut.  He had this Habit of picking a fight with famous figures. 

Later in the city they came across the battle seen that took place earlier. There was still scents of the two being in the air. One was desmonds the other was not Identifiable. 

" Well Gorad I'm off to council. Where do you want to meet?" Toroth asked.

"Toroth I know its my duty to tutor your young foolishness.  But I need to go to a an importan gathereing with my peers. somewhere else." Gorad siad , " So please don't go and do your usual stunts."

" Okay old man." Toroth basically said ignoring Gorad's advice.

At the council hall the the leaders of the city where astounded Toroth accomplished his task. As he handed the dagger to division of magic.

" Well our young Toroth you've probaly heard the rumour of our most confusing death."  One of them said.

" Yes I have."  he replied

" Well the arrival of Desmond was helpful. We would like someone that the council can trust to agree with the famous adventure and report out the situation. If Desmond Refutes your presents follow behind if you must." The council member said, " Oh and here is your reward for your latest accomplishment." 

He handed Toroth a bag of golden coins. He turned around and exited. Working with a famous warrior was an honor but also pain it would mean he was still have someone looking over his shoulder. Atleast with Gorad, Gorad never interfered in his fights just refined his skills, and his so called foolishness.

The End

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