Tracking , being Tracked, Tracking yourself.

Yeah that statement wouldn't make any sense unless you where in a cave that was pitch dark with a beast that you can't quite describe. But Toroth  a young foolish but skilled fighter, adventure , warrior, or whatever you think he is. Hadn't even flinched as the beast breathed in dark cave. Toroth grabbed his small lethal dagger apparenlty the only object able to kill the beast of the deep.

" Just make one more noise beasty. I'll get ya." He muttered

He walked in a completly circle tracking his earlier footprints. To  step outside the circle could mean a quick death. Reasons being everytime Toroth stepped out of his circle sharp claws and fangs tore at his body.  The monster breathed behind him.  Toroth rolled out of the way of a massive jaw clamping down.  He then stabbed the beast and held onto the small dagger for his life. The beast shook him off hitting the sandy dark ground. Tracking this beast was hard, but the beast can track you better than you could track it.  Toroth thought If only this beast fatal weapon wasn't this small dagger.  The dagger was sharp , and had a few magical properties unknown to Toroth.  The sound of scruffling tenctacle Toroth's right indicated the beast was going to try to grab him. He stabbed the dagger downward pinning a slimey tentacle to the ground. He then slid the dagger up the tentacle leading to the beast's throat.

" Your dead beasty."  Toroth said removing the dagger which was shining from the fufillment of its job. 

Toroth sheated the dagger and found the exit door to be revealed from the death of the creature. Outside the cave was an old wizard with a long scraggly purple beard.

" Did you kill it?" he asked.

" Yeah." He replied handing the wizard the glowing dagger.

" You seem to have adequate combat skills and good control with magic." The wizard complimented him , " But you're the most foolish, and stubborn being I have seen in this age."

" Yeah that would be me.By the way Gorad I didn't use any magic. The beast was not that hard" Toroth said happily re equiping his 4 foot 6 blade being as fat as a mans hands.

He wielded it like as if the sword was the same wieght of the dagger he held ealier.

" Can't believe your where foolish enough to take this task." The wizard continued mumbling angrily. 

Toroth continued to equip wooden armor covered with a leather finish.  Then his necklace of good will. It never did anything it was more of keepsake. 

" Well Gorad. Are you going to continue mumbling or are you going to walk with me to the city to pick up our reward from the council?" Toroth asked jokingly.

" Your Orange eye's always told me your where going to be a trouble..." Gorad continued ranting.

The End

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