'Mysterious' Prophecy

Desmond took another drag out of his pipe. Wondering what his next move would be, he could just abandon the job. He quickly dispelled that thought from his mind, he had never abandoned a job ever.

"Hey! Listen!"

He looked around the town, most gargoyles had gone back to pretending they were inanimate, except for the moody one. That mage, Mard, or whatever his name is was hanging around. Hold on, what was that voice?

"Yeah well done, I'm talking to you!"

"Who are you and what do you want." Desmond said looking around with alarm.

"I'm in your head mate, no good looking around."

Desmond grunted, he quickly checked to see if anyone was giving him suspicious looks, nobody was.

"Ok, I will make this quick, Axel has gone up to Mount-Massive. Yes that rather large mountain just outside of town, you can find him and get him there. Take that wizard with you, he is important, despite being ever so useless."

"Umm, fine." Desmond half whispered to himself. "But who are you."

"I am a prophecy, the doomsday prophecy to be exact, a rather important one i'm sure you know about."

Desmond nodded. The doomsday prophecy, ten impossible things happen for whatever reason and that causes the world to end. Or at least that was the gist of it, Desmond never really cared for that sort of stuff.

"Oh and Desmond. Best to take the gargoyle as well. When on a quest involving almost certain death it might be reasonable to take someone who can't die."

Desmond saw the logic, although he wasn't happy having to bring people with him. He looked over at the wizard and then the gargoyle, who was still staring angrily back.

"Ok." Desmond sighed. He lifted his weapons onto his back and ushered the pair over.

The End

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