Where o' where could that Mad Man be?

Desmond sighed, placing his bow aside. He let out a yawn before resting himself on a large tree just outside the town. He closed his eyes and began to recollect the events that had happened.

His appearance to this town was by no means an accident. He had been following the one named Axel for quite some time, beginning with the death of an ogre chieftain’s "immortal" basilisk. The damn snake had grown titanic proportions; it's body as thick as an Ent and a mouth large enough to swallow up a seven-foot ogre in one gulp.

Tiamet, the One Eyed Chieftain of The Desert Plains Ogres, was furious after Desmond had told him his "pet" had been killed. Even more so because he had been killed without a trace. So being the unfortunate guest to the Ogre tribe, Desmond was obliged to earn his pay not by killing the old chief as he had supposed to have been paid, but by the capture of man who killed the serpent.

He reached into his leather bad and pulled out a ebony pipe, already stuffed with tobacco. He stuck it in his mouth and pulled out a flint. He brought it against a nearby rock and leaned over. He struck the flint and the sparks flew, igniting his pipe. He stood upright and blew out several smoke rings. "Now how am I supposed to get paid?"

The wizard had taken Axel somewhere, probably to a nearby dungeon. He clutched his chest and closed one eye. His free hand on his chest began to glow, a green light beginning to envelope it. His magic was by no means powerful, barely even considered magic, merely tricks of healing he had been naturally gifted with, being half elf and all. The wind he had earned during his time among Mourn thieves.

"This isn't going to fix that bone," Desmond took his hand off his chest and grabbed his bow, heading back towards the town. "But it should heal it enough so it won't get in my way." He took his pipe out of his mouth and exhaled a stream of smoke, wondering where he could find the mage.

He chuckled at the sudden thought of the outraged gargoyle leader. "Quite a humorous figure if I do say so myself." Hopefully he wouldn't have to shut its mouth permanently if he ever saw it again.

The End

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