Sometimes, Rocks Argue Back

Desmond didn't even look at Mard as he approached. Instead, he gazed off into space.

Mard repeated himself. 'Excuse me? Mister, er, Desmond? Is there anything that-'

He was interrupted suddenly by a grey figure walking into his peripheral vision. It was no taller than a penguin, and waddled in the same way, but more slowly, its joints stiff and probably aching.

A gargoyle, one of the few that had not left in tears, approached Desmond, and waving its hand at him, pointing its finger, began to speak in the typical high pitched but somewhat nasal voice that all gargoyles adopted.

'You there, warrior? Just what are you planning on doing now, eh?'

Desmond didn't look at the gargoyle. He didn't seem to be the conversational type, but the gargoyle carried on anyway, in its typical complaining manner.

'You had the brute in front of you, bleeding out, and you were hesitant enough to let him go? What are you planning on doing now, eh? I hope you know he'll come back. Sculptor knows he'll probably bring back some of his friends, finish off us gargoyles, and what will you do?' The gargoyle paused, obviously expecting an answer, but Desmond did not dignify the gargoyle with one. 'You'll just let them do it, I'll bet! Well sir, I shall not stand by and let this happen!'

Desmond had seemed to have had enough of the gargoyle's insolence, and Mard understood that perfectly. If it hadn't been for Desmond, the mysterious attacker may have killed several more gargoyles.

'You did absolutely nothing for us!' The gargoyle shouted, its squeaky voice echoing.

'If I hadn't intervened, you would probably be dead, you dense wad of clay! And if you do not hold that crumbling tongue of yours, I may have to arrange your death myself.'

The gargoyle suddenly realised who it was talking to, and did as Desmond had demanded - shut up. It looked as if he was about to lift its hand once more to start up again, but then thought better of it, and waddled away, glaring at Mard through cold eyes as it passed.

Mard tried again to talk to Desmond, but as he looked back to where he had been standing, after watching the gargoyle waddle off mumbling grumpily to itself, Desmond was nowhere to be seen.

His arrival had been as abrupt as his departure. As the legends told.

The End

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