Fumbling Failure

Mard stopped, hearing the a large crunch. He would have said it sounded like a building collapsing, although he didn't know what that actually sounded like. Turning swiftly he saw what was going on, queitly congratulating himself on his rather good guess he began to run back.

He considered what he could do, throw a fireball? create a shield? summon a howling dragon. Then, very suddenly an important realisation dawned on Mard. He was utterly useless at magic. How he had forgotten that so quickly he didn't know, but he had to try and do something.

"Hey! Listen!" Mard stopped, wondering what that faintly annoying voice was. He hoped to God it wasn't going to be some stupid fairy that would send him on an adventure and say the same dam "Hey! Listen!" thing over and over again. In fact so worried that this would be the case he ignored it entirely and continued to run towards the battle ahead, it looked like Desmond had the upper hand, which Mard supposed was a good thing.

"Oi!" The voice said again, this time in a much more stern, manly tone. Mard answered this time, faintly relieved.


"You realise that you're not going to be a lot of help."

"I'll think of something." Mard replied. He kept on going, but the voice persisted.

"You need Desmond, the impossible is becoming possible, which means the end is  nigh. Desmond has the upper hand now, you must hold Axel in place."

"But I'm not very strong."

"You are a prat aren't you Mard. With magic!"

Mard finally reached the area where the battle took place.

"-Or I will slay you where you stand!" Desmond had just finished saying. People were staring anxiously at the two warriors, as if ready to turn and flee at any sign of trouble.

"Now repeat after me. Galustrado Salaia."

Mard repeated, a faint green light began to shine out of the ground and surround Axel. It dissapated almost as quickly as it appeared, Axel laughed maniacally as he dissapeared in a cloud of magic.

"Well you are the most useless destined saviour to the world I ever did see. Talk to Desmond. See what he thinks you should do, if I decide to forgive your plentiful shortcomings I will return. Bye now!"

Mard snorted through the nose, he was glad the voice was gone. He hoped he wasn't insane. Although that spell the voice taught him almost worked. He looked round, people were beginning to disperse, save for Desmond. Who seemed to be pondering.

"Um excuse me. Mr adventurer." Mard said in the most polite tone he could muster, although it ended up sounding patronising and sarcastic.

The End

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