By the Magic of the Wind, you shall die!

"Alert the town guard."

The Priest let out a gasp as Desmond drew his bow. It was as tall as he was, intricate designs wrapping around it like vines on an ancient tree. He uttered a prayer before turning to his fellow countrymen, beckoning them to fetch the town guard.

"Pretty fancy bow you have there," the stranger said. "It's a shame I'm going to have to take it off your hands."

Desmond didn't respond with words, instead making a grabbing motion towards an arrow on his back. He let it fly in the direction of the stranger, repeating the process with seven more arrows.

The man in red slashed at the arrows, expertly cutting them all in two. He smiled as he caught another arrow with his free hand. “So what they say is true about you Desmond. Your arrows fly as if they were launched by elvish hands.”

“And I see your skill with a scythe is as good as they say Axel the Mad.”

Axel let out a horrific laugh, a laugh akin to the daemons of legend. His blood red eyes shone with madness as he leapt from his perch, his scythe behind him and ready to swing. “Mad am I? I shall show you true madness!” 

Desmond dropped his bow and whipped out his blade. It looked curved in design, a definite symbol that it had been obtained in the Middle Eastern lands of Mourn. He dodged Axel’s initial slash, a devastating shockwave blowing apart the earth he had been a few moments ago. Desmond swung his sword again and again, each attempt parried back by the man’s scythe. He cackled again as he saw an opening through Desmond’s guard, his hand springing out like a snake striking at it’s prey. Desmond let out a muffled grunt as Axel’s hands wrapped around his throat.

“Where’s your elven grace?” Axel mocked. He flung Desmond into the air before landing a devastating kick to his chest. Desmond flew backwards, smashing through one of the town houses.

“Damnit.” He swore. He struggled to get to his feet, his vision blurry. It was still good enough however to see Axel’s menacing figure calmly walking towards him.

“I must say I’m disappointed. I expected someone so highly spoken of to put up at least a fight. Did you survive your many wars trough sheer luck?” He grabbed his throat again and brought him close, staring at the visor covering his eyes. His look of resignation suddenly turned to a smiling one. “Oh you’ve found something to smile about?”

“Indeed.” Desmond chuckled. “You’ve left yourself open to an attack.”

Axel stared at him in confusion before letting out a short cough, blood dripping from his mouth. He turned around to see the bow notched with an arrow. Upon closer inspection he also realized the bow had fired an arrow at him.

“The winds of Aeris assist me in battle, along with my skills.” Desmond pushed Axel back with his feet, another arrow jutting into his back. Desmond picked his sword back up and pointed at the howling madman. "Explain yourself, or I slay you where you stand."

The End

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