The Dark Onlooker

"The winds of magic huh?" One of the adventurers turned to Mard, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Well don't look at me. I'm a wizard, an under wizard at that. I can barely turn a brick into a teapot!" Mard said, he flashed Desmond an irritated look. He hated adventurers, especially the well known ones. Now this 'Desmond of Ulthuan' had turned up, acted all arrogant like and managed to make everyone suspicious of Mard. Honestly anyone could guess he had been killed by magic.

"Well what are we going to do." The priest turned to Desmond with a hopefull look, Mard scoffed a little.

He lifted the front of his tunic and wandered off in a huff. Stupid adventurers.

* * * *

Hidden behind a frozen Gargoyle, at the very top of the church stood a new onlooker to the conversation. He watched intently, his red-eyes gleaming with madness as he did.

He knew that Gargoyles liked to pretend they were inanimate when people were around, so this one could be used to hide behind. The ones in the church ground were to distraught to pretend though.

The stranger laughed to himself, he had easily achieved a feat thought to be impossible. Killing a Gargoyle, Axel the strong, or so he called himself never failed at anything.

One of the adventurers from the church ground looked up as the wizard stormed off.

"Dammit." Axel said to himself, he had been spotted. He flicked to the side his blood red tunic and pulled out a small stick. He flicked it and it grew sharply, twisting and changing it began to turn into metal. A sickle head formed at the top of it.

Axel's weapon, Rend, a simple name for a massive scythe. It never failed. Desmond watched this unfold and drew his weapon also.

The End

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