The Nightmares of Magic

All across the kingdom of Melfities, strange things have been happening. Impossible, magical things. A out-cast wizard dissapeared four years ago, a wizard known well to be a madman, he has been prophecising such things. What calamity could be befalling Melfities?

It was early, well, early for the Melfites on a sunday morning. Half Past Nine, the sun was in full force, showing off its brilliant light to the people of the kingdom. In the town of Ginark, however all was not well.

The Gargoyles were crying, a strange and unpleasant wail that succeded in waking the entire town. Mard was one of those people rudely awakened, he was an under-wizard, a man who considered him a nice well mannered sort of chap, despite the fact that the rest of the town thought he was a grumpy impatient git.

He crawled out of bed and stretched himself awake, ripped open the curtains and got himself dressed in his traditional black tunic. He left his pointed hat behind, they were just ceremonial these days and highly out of fashion.

He left his house in a brisk manner, stomping heavily but quickly over to the church grounds. Priests, Adventurers, Mercenaries and Excecutives from the house of lords all stood around uncomfortably.

Mard stormed in, looking as important as he could, after all he was the only wizard and therefore the only one likely to know why the gargoyles were crying. To his surprise everyone already knew.

"One of them is dead." Said the priest, Mard scowled. He didn't like priest's especially when those priests were gnomes. However one thing struck Mard as rather off when he saw the twisted, terrified looking figure of the dead gargoyle.

Gargoyles can't die.

The End

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