The Abberation

“Run, they are after you “I heard whispers in my ear. I ran and ran. There was dark tunnel. I thought I could take the help of the darkness. The voice kept on whispering “Run Faster” There was a desperate urgency to the voice. I took a right turn from the tunnel. I could hear faint footsteps nearby and then they turned left. I sighed a breath of relief and closed my eyes for an instant and I suddenly felt an excruciating pain in my arm as someone had jabbed some pointed thing in my flesh. I screamed and opened my eyes only to find a matronly face hovering on me.
“What happened? How are you feeing now?” 
“My arm…. I started and looked down only to find a bandage.
“Yes I had given you a shot. So how are feeling now” 
I was looking around and taking the white walls and green curtains and it hit me that I was in a hospital. 
“Who brought me here? How did I come here?” I had lots of questions and the only person in front of me was the nurse.
“Shhhh.. take rest; don’t get hyper. You were brought in by your friend what’s her name; Aareez she’ll be here soon”
“Aareez??” it was more of a question to myself than the nurse.
“Yes she’s such a sweet girl, so caring. Are you both engaged?”
“How long I’ve been here”. 
 “2 days” 
I looked at her as if she was joking. 2 days? And who was Aareez. I had never heard this name in my entire life. I looked around me. I was in a independent room so whosoever this Aareez was seemed rich enough to get a stranger a room like this. The pain in my arm was proof enough for the fact I wasn’t dreaming this all. I felt very queasy and weak but I was restless. I tried to remember the last time I was conscious. 

I was stuck on the image my ecstatic self walking down the road with a smile. Further to that image I could not remember anything. I suppressed a solitary sarcastic laugh while thinking myself of an old man who forgets everything.

I eased myself on the bed. I looked across the window. The sun had cast an orange glow to the skies and I wondered if Aareez would come today. Slowly I moved into the confines of the bed and maybe because of the medicine shot or weakness I drifted again in a deep slumber.

“Eat your food”, a musical female voice was saying and I felt a dewy cool touch to my arm which made me feel calm and satisfied. And savory flavors of delicacies drifted in the air. Food I felt famished, I knew I was dreaming again and I wanted this dream to continue. I was tired of seeing nightmares and this was the perfect heaven. 

“Please get up’ the voice urged. With reluctance I opened my eyes.

“How are you??” She asked.

I blinked back. This vision could not be true. This was surely a dream; there was a girl standing near my bed, like the ones you talk about in movies or read about in stories. So beautiful that you would think touching her will make her tainted. Her face was perfectly formed and her skin was like that of a dove, so white and flawless and in contrast to the skin the hair was dark, long dark hair like ebony. The features were perfect big black eyes with long spiky lashes, that perfect nose and that ruby red mouth. I was suddenly aware that I was staring which was very unlike me. Being a shy person I never talked to females in general until and unless talked.  

The End

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