The Shock

I woke up feeling the spray of the rain on my face. At first I could not comprehend where I was but when it registered that I was still inside my car I looked around. I was not wearing my contacts nor could I remember where I had put them. I cursed myself for not carrying my spare glasses with me and all was hazy. I squeezed my eyes to concentrate where the water was coming from. Strangely I remembered locking the car and still the windows were rolled a little down. I was gripped by a sudden fear as I couldn’t identify the place and this sweet heady scent again drifted inside And I wasn’t able to see anything and I could feel someone was watching me. You should know the feel one has that he/she is being watched even if the person is not in front of you. You can feel the eyes boring into you. The scent was getting powerful now and I heard this female sobbing from my behind. This was the moment I broke into a sweat and felt really scared. I turned back slowly only to see a fuzzy image of a female sitting in the rear seat of my car with long dark hair with her head bent & sobbing. This was the exact moment my dream broke. Standing in the No smoking zone I felt a pat on my back. I turned back sharply only to find my colleague standing. You look rather tensed buddy, all well?? I mumbled some sort of a reply and went off to my desk. But the dream came back to haunt me. The severe migraine pain along with the ineluctable flashes of the dream was making it impossible for me to sit and work. I drummed my fingers on the desk and contemplated between sitting and working or about going home. Soon I made my decision to go home. I needed the rest and I really wanted to take a nap to ease some of the unendurable pain. I had no plans to go anywhere, nor did I have them ever. I almost had no friends, well almost can be described for an old classmate that I used to meet sometime in two months. I took an asprin and moved out the office. I headed towards my home and I don’t know what persuaded me to take the lonely route I used to take in heavy traffic hours to my home. The route was away from the main road and had a lone forest like area on its sides and many people used to avoid it because there were all sort of fabricated stories about that areas. About ghouls and ghosts and spirits and blood thirsty vampires. I used to take this route often to save 25 minutes which were all consumed in the sticky traffic of the main road and I used to relish my drive from there with my windows down so I could feel the cool air in my hair. Though in morning I used to take the main road. But today my mind told me; yes it told me to go from that specific route. After taking the right bend from the main road and bearing the rocky stretch of 5 minutes soon I was hitting my favorite road the one with tall and dense Eucalyptus trees on sides and where the road was very smooth. As a habit I rolled down my windows to catch the whiff of clean air. I moved the volume of the music up a little, my favorite melody by Kenny G. Soon my thoughts drifted to the strange happenings of morning. I don’t know when I took a wrong bent but I only realized when my car jumped over some big stones and the car screeched to a halt. I jumped out immediately to see the damage to my precious car. As I bent over the wheel to see the problem I sensed a movement in the nearby trees. I was startled and looked in the direction from where the sound came only to find some twigs swinging in the breeze. I concentrated on my task and inwardly cursed myself for taking this road today. I looked around myself; I could not recognize this particular road and this upset me further. I had to firstly find out the route, then someone who could fix my car. I locked my car and took the first way back from I had entered this spot. Soon I was feeling very light headed and my headache now seemed a dream. I was enjoying the trail when suddenly my nose picked up a strange intoxicating fragrance. A chill ran down my spine when I realized the fragrance from the dream and today morning. What was it? I immediately wanted to go back to my car but when I was turning around the perfume hit me hard and everything swam before my eyes, I felt nauseated and I closed my eyes. From the corner of my closing lids I could make out a figure and long dark hair; the co incidence hit me and I forced my closing lids to open for a second and could only register long dark hair in contrast to the white clad figure. With a thud I fell; the darkness was beckoning me and somewhere deep in my fainting mind I could feel some dewy touch to my forehead.

The End

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