Too good to be trueMature

I woke up and i was in a completely different room. MY room, was small, had plain white walls with a picture of me and my younger brother, a small dresser and a place where a t.v. used to be before dad yanked it away, this one was HUGE! 

There was a computer set up in the corner -very new might i add- a huge sony 3D t.v. across the room, posters of megan fox on the wall, and a picture of me and a smokein hot blond babe. Everything i'd ever wanted in my room but my controlling parents wouldn't allow.  It was almoust too good to be true. Hell, it was too good to be true. This must be another dream. I pinched myself. Owch. Okay, so It's not a dream.

I pulled myself out of bed and ran over to the door. When i opened it someone who looked alot like someone out of one of those saturday morning sitcoms with the perfect family opened the door. By her age im guessing she was the mother.

"Good morning my little darling, there's bacon and eggs waiting for you on the table, and Elizabeth is waiting outside for you" She said with a smile that looked like it was plastered on her face. 

"Elizabeth?" I asked curiously

"Your girlfriend sweetheart. Now hurry up you probably don't want to keep her waiting" she said with a wink. 

Okay, this defenatly was too good to be true...even her name was smokin hot. I can just imagine the things the dream me has done with her. Oh baby. Wait, better not lose track. I need to figure out how to get out of this dream. Maybe i should just let this dream play out and figure out what i need to do. 

I walked downstairs and found an amazing plate of eggs and crispy pieces of bacon on the table.  Quickly, and probably stupidly, i ate the entire plate of eggs. They were delicious. The best eggs i'd ever aten. Thats when i noticed a small child sitting across the table from me. 

His hair was black with a white streak in it, as if he'd faced some sort of trauma. His eyes were blue and had humungous dark circles under them. His face had many scratches on it that looked like they had come from his own finger nails. Needless to say, i was freaked. 

"You enjoying your breakfast? How about your huge mansion" He said quietly. 

"'s nice. Who are you?" I asked sturring a little. 

He chuckled under his breath before answering. 

"I forgot my real name, or my real home. So you can just call me, The Nightmare King." 

This kid was really starting to freak me out. He got up and started walking to the light switch near the table. 

"I hoped you enjoyed this Dream, but now, just like someone would turn out the light. It's about to turn...into a nightmare" He said grinning at me devilishly. 

He flicked the light switch. All of a sudden i wasn't at the kitchen table anymore. I was in a wasteland. The ground around me was all concrete and it was boiling hot. In the distance i saw something getting closer and closer. And as it popped into view only one thing popped into my mind. 

I missed my Last dream. 

The End

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