The Trapped KidMature

           So, after hours and hours of my Mom crying, my dad yelling, and me sitting there with my hands in my pockets, it was finally over. I was grounded for 3 monthes, wasn't allowed doing anything that defines fun, and i was to stay in my room for the rest of the night. Big freaking woop. Im just surprized my parent's didnt send me to military school.

     So, i went to my room as my father commanded, and i instantly jumped into bed. My bed was soft, warm, it was the only safe place in my life. The one place i knew nothing could harm me, not even the devil and his legions of demons. I cuddled up in my blankets, closed my eyes, and began to dream.     

         I was sitting in a chair, just a normal wooden chair, just like the ones in the kitchen, i was sitting in a blank small room, they were trying to put a white shirt on me, i wasn't to impressed with the sleves, they tied around in the back. Wait, that isnt a shirt! Thats a streight jacket. They left the room, i was alone, the room seemed to grow darker and darker. I started seeing spiders crawling up the walls! I hate spiders. Despised them, some of them started to crawl up my leg and onto my face! I tried swatting them away but i was tied up! A huge black widow crawled on my nose, it bit me! I felt the venom zipping through my veins.

 Then, it started growing a face, it was strangly familier, brown hair, bright blue eyes, teeth with braces on them, wait, it was me! It opened its mouth, and with a cruel voice it said

"Get Bent"

    After that, i woke up in a cold sweat. I looked around, my room didn't seem the same.  Somthing about it, just seemed strange, almoust Alien to me. Then with a sudden jolt of realization, i relized,

This WASN'T my room.

The End

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