The Nightmare KingMature

What do you do when you are trapped in a nightmare. you cant scream, you canthide..




I woke up crying in the night

No, that is not right

Screaming, from fright

I cannot fight. 

Why do they torture me so

Nightmares that come and go

And continue to grow

I cannot know. 

They induce such pain

My soul they drain

Am I going insane

I cannot explain. 

No one to comfort me

From terrors unseen

No solace for my need

I cannot be free. 

They must not be true

Somewhere the sky is blue

If there is no rescue

I cannot continue.



~ Janet Boyd






           The Nightmare King

By Jordan 

Some people have terrible fears, some people fear hights, others fear spiders, those creepy insects with 8 eyes, some people fear inclosed spaces, some people fear getting shots, some people fear change. I have always feared my own nightmares, the only thing that I cannot escape, the one thing that can change its own shape to terrify you more and more. It is terrible, but nightmares could never hurt you in real life. Could they? 

I dazed in and out of reality, god damn clocks went slower during history class didnt they. But while Mr Jones was ranting on about the War of 1812 or some crap like that i was imagining myself running after a giant acid breating lizard, holding the body of my one true love, the girl that sits infront of me. Ofcoarse she has yet to even know my name, and she just beleives in what other people tell her about me. How  i've never had a girlfriend, how i annoy the fuck out of my friends.  It was horrible.

"Thank you my lord!" she said stroking my shoulder

            "All in a days work for Lord Broadsword of Epic Pwnage" I replied.

            "Kiss me with your HUGE man lips and hold me in your arms hunny" 

            "If it is my duty i will...."


  As Everyone knows when you have an imagination as vivid as mine it often leads to embarrisment, in this case, i opened my eyes to see everyone staring  at me and my lips pursed. Now the normal response would be to deny it right away and get on with the boring lecture. I, who have always been an idiot, felt my cheeks start to burn with the obvious blush, and stormed out of the room angerly.



"Terry get back here!" Yelled my science teacher leaning out the door

I growled looked back at him and said "Get Bent" 


 I don't remember what exactily happened, but 5 minutes and 2 bruises on my head from getting pushed to the ground by security gaurds Later, i was stuck back in the princible's office getting yelled at by Madam Mackenzie while her annoying insparational music played in the background. After that i was sent home to face the two worlds strictist parents, wont this be fun?

The End

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