Chapter Ten

I perched uncertainly on the chair, I could hear the wind whistling through the trees above me and a slight breeze scattered the wood chippings which covered the floor.

 “Okay, I have sat down now” I called out at the empty room, and my voice seemed to echo around it bouncing off every wall. “Now explain to me how I am still dreaming” I demanded my voice quavering slightly.

 “You are still dreaming because I have stopped you for waking up, there is something you need to know” those words made a shiver run down my spine, this was so unnatural, so unreal it terrified me.

 “W..what do I need to know?” I asked a slight quaver to my voice, “who are you?” I demanded at the empty room feeling more and more like an idiot shouting at thin air.

“I am someone, who in time you will come to trust with your life, in your world you knew me very little but in this world you will come to know me very well” the voice said.

“Stop talking in riddles and tell me who you are and what you want?” I shouted tears trickling down my face now.

“I am your grandfather” the voice said simply.

“Impossible, my grandfather is dead and has been for about 20 years” I screamed, launching myself out of the chair I was sitting in and looking up, as if trying to find out where the disembodied voice of who was supposedly my dead grandfather, was coming from.

“Do not be afraid, I want to help you” the voice said but it was strangely muffled, as if it was fading away. I lingered in blackness for several seconds before a sudden burst of sunlight streamed through my closed eyelids, I was awake.

I sat bolt upright on the couch I had fallen asleep on, I had never been so happy to wake up in all my life.

The End

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