Chapter Eight


I got up slowly, turning my head and taking in my unfamiliar surroundings. I could no longer hear the voice screaming my name in my ears so the nightmare must have stopped, and this field was the nightmare replacement? I guessed.

But why was I now dreaming about a random field in the middle of no-where? It made no sense.

It was only then that I noticed that the normal outside noises you would normally hear were not there; birds tweeting, the sound of a river, a gentle breeze, I couldn’t hear any of it. It was as though someone had put the whole outside world on mute, the deadly silence sent a shiver down my spine. This was not right.

 The sun disappeared behind a cloud; casting a shadow on the field I was standing in, I could feel a breeze whipping past me, blowing my hair but I just couldn’t hear it. I started to make my way towards a five bar wooden gate on the edge of the field, fighting the wind as it grew ever stronger.

 It was only then I heard that whispering voice been carried in the wind again, calling my name

“Alexis, Alexis” the sound had evidently been turned back on, and I was suddenly aware of the wind blowing violently against trees and birds tweeting madly as they flew for cover.

Thunder clouds were rolling in now; menacing black clouds started to growl, and I ran unsure where I was going.

I took shelter from the rain under a large willow tree that stood in the corner of the field and watched the rain start to descend from the heavens that had opened above.

 A tear splashed onto my cheek, why was this happening to me? What had I done to deserve these terrifying nightmares?

I sat with my knees pressed to my chest, trying my hardest to stay dry, and that’s when I heard it again. That same voice calling me but this time I could locate where the voice was coming from .

It was coming from deep within the willow tree I was sheltering under!  

The End

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