Chapter Six


It took about 45 minutes from my house to get to Sean’s, he lived right out of town in a big farmhouse in the countryside. I leaned back in my chair and yawned, it had been a long day and the teachers had just droned on and on about boring little details. My history teacher bored the whole class stupid with information to do with Hitler. I understood that we needed to know about Hitler but for one thing he is long dead and for another what use is knowing about the ins and outs of the second world war in the real world! Absolutely no use whatsoever!

I had totally forgotten about the dream, until I closed my eyes and the same image flashed across my imagination more distinct this time. I couldn’t quite make out what it was but it definitely seemed important. Sean pushed a cassette into his cassette player and the classical music he had just put on and the motion of the car lulled me into a light sleep.

I was in a wood, the wind whistled through the trees and rustled the leaves. The fallen leaves crunched under my feet as I walked trying to work out how I’d got there. I seemed to walk forever and get no-where everything looked the same. A voice whispered in the wind it was incoherent at first but as I strained my ears I heard a voice whispering “Alexis, Alexis.” The voice was barely more than a whisper but every time it called my name it sent a shiver down my spine. “Who's there?” I called but my voice seemed to sink like a stone, going no-where. “Alexis” the voice whispered again.

I tried to move but I was rooted to the spot by pure fear, the whisper was getting louder now calling my name again and again. “Alexis! Alexis!” It sounded as though it was getting closer to me, moving in for the kill. I could feel an invisible presence in front of me, whispering my name still getting louder. “What do you want?” I asked fear could be clearly heard in my voice. It didn’t give any answer it just continued to repeat my name again and again.

“Alex, Alex we’re here” Sean was shaking my shoulder, I gave a little squeak as I rubbed my eyes and realised that it had just been a dream, all be it a very disturbing dream. Sweat was rolling down my face and I could still hear that whispering voice in my head, still calling “Alexis!”

“Are you okay?” Sean asked concern on his face, “Yeah” I replied wiping the sweat off my face. “It was just a bad dream” I said before clambering out of the car.

The End

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