Chapter Five

I couldn't believe how relieved I was when school finished.  My afternoon hadn't been bad exactly, just mind-numbingly dull.  I hadn't been interested in anything my teachers had been saying so the afternoon passed like a snail, impossibly slowly.

I was the first person out of the classroom when the bell went for the end of the day and was walking hand in hand with Sean before I knew it.

'Can we pop by mine first?'  I said.  'I have a few things I need to pick up.'

Sean nodded in agreement, leading me towards the car.  I waved at Morgan as she disappeared the other way, yelling at her that I would see her later.  Sean was a gentleman, as per usual, and held my car door open for me, letting me slide into the passenger seat gracefully.

A few moments later we were out of the school car park and onto the main road.  Freedom at last.

It only took a minute or two to get to my house from school and Sean smoothly pulled up right outside.

'Do you want me to come in with you?'  He asked.  'Or should I wait here?'

'You can wait here.  I'll only be a few moments, I have to grab my pyjamas and stuff and leave Mum a note.'  I gave him a peck on the cheek before opening my door and running towards my house.

Mum wasn't in when I opened the door.  I hadn't expected her to be.  She had her yoga class that afternoon and usually wasn't back until six.  I hurriedly scribbled a note to tell Mum where I was, which I left on the fridge, then grabbed a few necessaries from upstairs and ran out of the house again.

'OK then,' I sighed as I sat back down in the passenger seat.  'Let's go.'

The End

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