Chapter Four


I strolled along the corridor hand in hand with Sean, not really paying attention until we stopped outside my English Class. “Here we are” Sean said squeezing my hand slightly to get my attention. He kissed me, whispered “I love you” before hurrying off to his next class.

Morgan and I entered the noisy class and took our normal places, I unpacked all my books that I needed for the lesson then looked at Morgan who had left her side of the desk clear.

I gave her a confused look, “There is no point in getting your books out Alex, we’ll get sent away to do coursework, you know what Mr. Tannan is like.”

I giggled before stuffing everything back into my bag and waiting for Mr. Tannan to say we could go and do coursework in the study centre.

It took about 5 minutes for the class to be dismissed but as soon as we were Morgan and I raced along the corridor towards the common room to reclaim the sofa that we had at break – we could do coursework later!

 To be honest, it was a relief that we had been sent away from English, as that dream had been bugging me all day, I got up of the sofa and heading for the door. “Where are you going?” Morgan shouted. “I need to go the library, I wont be long” I called back before hurrying out of the common room and down the stairs towards the library.

I ran my fingers along the title of each book until I found the book I was looking for ‘The Mystery of Dreams’ it was called. I pulled it with difficulty off the shelf, as the librarian had insisted on filling the shelf with as many books as possible.

I sat down in the corner of the library and opened the book and flicked through the pages until I reached a page entitled ‘The Causes of Mysterious Dreams’ which caught my attention at once.

Strange dreams are caused by your own mind releasing your subconscious fears, maybe these fears are experiences from your past which has been suppressed and memories that you had long forgotten about – however when you sleep you mind can unlock these memories in the form of dreams. Sleep researchers have shown that dreams are based in the same part of the brain that is central to our emotions.

The article continued, getting more and more sciency, getting into the biology of sleep which made me lose interest in the book and place it back onto the shelf.

One quote in that book had caught my attention though, ‘Strange dreams are caused by your own mind releasing your subconscious fear.’ I wondered what that meant, what subconscious fears? Why was this dream bugging me so much, I had become wound up over it and I had no idea why.

 The bell sounded for lunch, and I walked slowly out of the library up towards the common room where I saw Morgan sat in a chair, eating a cheese and onion sandwich.

“Where the hell did you get to? You said you wouldn’t be long” she exclaimed when I flopped into the chair next to her.

“Sorry” I mumbled, before pulling my sandwiches out of my bag, and unwrapping the clingfilm from them.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, making our way though the sandwiches and crisps that we had bought for lunch.

 Sean walked into the common room, spotted me and Morgan and hurried over, he fell into the chair next to me, his face was red and he looked tired.

“God, that new P.E teacher is going to kill everyone I am sure of it, he had us running around the field, jumping hurdles and all sorts, I’m bushwhacked” he said yawning slightly.

“Was he that bad?” I said looking worried

Sean nodded before pulling out the sandwich that he had bought from Fatso’s that morning.

He licked his lips, “I need this!” he exclaimed before tucking into the huge sandwich in his hands.

After lunch Morgan, Sean and I walked out onto the field and flopped on the grass, The sun was shining down, warming our backs.

Sean snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me close, kissing the top of my head and twirling my hair around his fingers.

“Are you doing anything tonight babe, its just I have the house to myself and I wondered if you wanted to stay over?”

“Nothing much, I’d love to stay over” I said smiling.

The fact was I was slightly worried about going to sleep alone and maybe if I had Sean to keep my company then maybe I could get a good night sleep – but there was a nagging thought in the back of my head telling me I was wrong.

The End

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