Chapter Two


As the bell sounded for first lesson I wondered towards Media, not really noticing where I was going, I only realised where I was when Sean snapped me out of my daydream by kissing me on the forehead before hurrying off to maths. The fact was that I couldn’t stop thinking about that dream, it was like it was important in some way and I needed to figure out what it was about. I kept closing my eyes and trying to recreate the image that had flashed across my imagination that morning but it was hopeless.

“Miss Wyman, are you paying any attention to what I am saying” Mrs. Dickinson said sharply, instantly snapping me out of my daydream and back to reality.

“Yes Miss” I looked at the PowerPoint that was being projected at the board and tried to look as though my full attention was on the presentation Mrs. Dickinson was giving.

When Mrs. Dickinson had turned her Hawk-like eyes back towards the board, a note was shoved in front of me from Morgan it read;

 You are miles away today; you’re not yourself what’s up? x

 I rolled my eyes at the note and scribbled back

I’ll tell you at break x - then slid the note slyly back to Morgan, without Mrs. Dickinson seeing.


                                                 *          *         *

When break finally came around, Morgan and I quickly claimed the comfy sofa in the corner of the common room and Morgan stared at me with her piecing eyes, willing me to tell her why I had been distracted all morning.

“it’s not that big Morgan, I don’t know why your getting all hiked up it’s not gossip” I said

Morgan’s face fell slightly – if there is anything Morgan loves its gossip.

“What is it then Hunni? You can tell me!” – she suddenly looked worried “You and Sean are okay aren’t you?”

“Yeah, were perfect, No it’s just you know a while ago I had been having those curious dreams I kept telling you about” Morgan nodded – “Well they have come back stranger than before.”

The End

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