The NightmareMature

In late December, I woke up in a cold sweat, "Dazed and Confused." Sitting there trying to remember, I threw off my comforter like I did with my pickles on my pizza, rolled to the edge of the bed, and started to think about that girl "Roxanne." Right in the middle of thinking about her, I heard a voice in the distance saying, "Baby Come Back." So I slipped on my "Black Ice" slippers, and went to the voice, which led me to the "Stairway to Heaven." When I looked up at the stairway, I saw a big bright door. I then thought to myself, "If I go up this, my life is going to come to an end." Standing there, I could now only think about my "Little Richard" when suddenly, a "Fire in the Sky" discharged from the door.  I turned around for the last time and said, " Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." I then took my first step on the stairway. On the way up to the big bright door, an angel came down and "Pour[ed] Some Sugar on Me." "This is going to be fun," I said to myself as I finally got to the top of the stairs. Getting off,  I heard someone "Knockin' on Heavens Door." Slowly, I began to meander towards the big bright, now wooden, door. But halfway there, I stopped, due to my increasing  "Sweet Emotion[s]." As I stood recovering, I saw a "Black Dog" that barked and barked until it tired and ran away.  Following the departure of the dog, I regained the luck of the Irish and was able to move again. Getting closer to the door, I could feel the "Heat of the Moment" in the air. Reaching the big bright wooden door at last, I found myself "Born To Be Wild." Going for the knob, I became "Thunderstruck." I looked up to see where it came from and there was the "God of Thunder." I couldn't believe I was going on the "Highway To Hell" on my first day of heaven. The door then flew open and I rushed through to be in a "Paradise City." My eyes lit up at the sight of her as I began to run and scream her name. There she was; Roxanne. As I was getting closer to her, my cries fell on more distant ears. And then, she was gone. I fell to my knees and cried, since I may have just lost my true love. For a few hours, I didn't move. I had no where to go. Just laying there, in the perfect "Sunshine of Your Love," I had no one to talk to. But then out of nowhere, I was hit with a rock. I looked up and there was a guy. He told me, "Don’t Fear the Reaper," since he knew how to send me home. He picked me up and started to "Fly Like an Eagle." We were so high that I could see the big bright door once more. However, half way to the wooden door, he let me go. I started to yell, "Baby Hold to to Me," because I was "Free Falling." "That's it, I'm going to die" I said to myself as I closed my eyes and started to pray for the first time. Another few seconds went by, then I opened my eyes and I was home in my huge warm bed. I turned to my side and there she was, Roxanne. She came over and gave me a big, hot, sloppy, oozing...meatball sub. She said, "Baby are you okay? You're as Cold as Ice to me." I paused for a second and said, "Yeah, I am okay. I just had a bad nightmare."  She then leaned over and gave me a kiss. I told her I love her and she the same. " I will be your baby until we die" she promises me. I thought to myself one last time and said, "I am home at last."

The End

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