Dog WalkMature

The sun was fading fast as the rain clouds came in. I knew I had to get home soon or I'd be stuck out in the rain, with I sigh I looked at my dog. "That's what I get for thinking I could beat the rain huh?" She simply tilted her head at me and sat down. I gave her a small smile and a pat on the head, "I blame you if we walk in the rain."

I take another look at the sky before starting to walk, she remained sitting. "Come on Barker, we got to get going."

"If you're going to blame me anyway, why should I move?" Barker replied.

I stood there for a minute biting the sides of my tongue, a nervous habit I can't seem to get over. "Did you..... but your a..... huh?"

"Come, I don't have time, you're not going home." I stared dumbfounded by my dog's vocal ability. Why is she talking, better yet why is she telling me what to do?

"Why?" was the only thing I managed to say. As if on cue, the sky opened up on my and Barker, drenching us within seconds.

"Look around," she told me. Instinctively I did as hundreds of shadows moved in the emptiness. "Do you want to die?" I looked at her in pure shock hoping I misheard somehow. My dog talks, shadows are moving and someone's trying to kill me? Well, I've gone insane. Proving my sanity a knife flew through the shadows and impaled the wall by my face and I heard hisses in the background. "RUN IDIOT!" Barker yelled.

Holding her leash for dear life I followed her down the roads I knew all my life. More knives flew through the air. This was the town I grew up in, I knew every street and every building, now the familiar walkways and allies I used almost everyday were forgein and filled with death.

Out of no where a knife flew and jabbed Barker in the side, she fell within seconds. Out of habit I yelled, "Baby Barker!" I dropped to my knees and held my dog.

"Run" she pleaded. All I could do was shake my head and pick her up. She wasn't a large dog but she wasn't very light either, I always called her my mini-lab. I held her bleeding body to mine and took off.

I was at the bridge, I was almost home. Being as graceful as I was, I tripped on a sharp turn, skinning my leg. I held Barker to me tighter as I fought the tears burning my eyes. "I love you Barker." I whimpered as I felt someone walk up behind me.

To weak to reply, Barker simply gave me one last kiss as the stranger brought the knife down.

The End

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