The NightmareMature

I have nightmares very often so I'm curious if I can create the fear of the unseen and unknown as well as I can feel it in my dreams.

It was past midnight and nothing but blackness. The world was nonexistent around me, I was alone. I felt my way out of bed but couldn't seem to find the edge. Did I fall out of bed? I asked myself. It didn't feel like my carpet, it didn't even feel like my bed. Where am I? I wondered.

With a small amount of fear and a large amount of curiosity, I rose to my feet and wandered around. I clearly wasn't in my room anymore. I can normally only walk 3 steps before running into the chair by my desk, I just kept walking straight. A cold breeze soon surrounded me, definitely not in my room anymore.

Fear began to settle in my stomach. Where am I? Who brought me here? What the fuck is going on!? I screamed in my head. Suddenly, the floor gave out from under me and I fell into the darkness. The fall seemed infinite, never-ending, continuous. As I fell, I could feel the wind become stronger, I was falling faster and faster, I'm dead. When I finally hit the floor, I felt no pain, as if I was just lightly placed there.

My heart racing from the fall, I lay there motionless. Lower lip trembling, I stand in the darkness. My legs hardly carried me in my first step but I was soon knocked back to the ground by an unseen force. Shell-shocked, with a pain in my stomach from the contact I simply sit there, helpless.

Voices begin to fill the air as a tightness in my throat forms. Stupid, Idiot, Bitch, No one loves you, everything you know is a lie, everyone's lying to you, you whore. As the voices grew louder, the tightness grew stronger and stronger until no air entered or escaped my lungs and every ounce of my body screamed in pain. With a sharp pain, I could feel hot blood start to flow down my neck as the force dug into my skin. The world will be better off without you, just die already.

Everything began to get blurry as my mind began to die from lack of air. One by one, I could feel my vital systems shutting down. I lost feeling in my legs, my rapid gasps for air became weaker and more strained, no clear thought ran through my mind and the racing of my heart became a slow, constant rhythm once again. I'm dead, was the only comprehensible thought I could form.

Just as my life fades into nothingness, I shoot up in my bed. Mind, heart, lungs racing, establishing the fact that they're working. My light was on, my school books lay around me and my stereo continued to play. It was all a dream, a vivid, tormenting dream. How much was fake? I ask as I look at the burses on my throat.


The End

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