- Don't love Sunny,- the small one says in an angry voice.- N**** loves Sunny. Go away!

- You want me to go away?

I approach the child, take his shirt up, put my lips against his belly and blow. The child laughs, hits my head with his small fists and repeats:

- Go away!

- Already going,- I continue,- you want more?

- You know who you are?- asks the other kid.- You're daddy. No, N**** is Daddy. Go away!

I know, I know. And I'd give anything not to hear it. I'd give anything to become their father.

Do you love me?


Are you in love with me still?

No. Don't cry, you're turning everything into tragedy.

It's nothing, I'll be fine. I'm okay.

I'm going to Cyprus. I want to be alone, I don't need a second husband.

If you go, I'll come for you.

You won't. I mean you believe it now, but you'll forget soon. You'll be okay.

I'll come for you. Maybe not at once, but I'll put off some money and come for you. And I'll be near if you need me.

When you're drunk, you embrace me, kiss me and ask me to throw you out of the window, you say you love me that way.

We're making love, we are one, we're loving and trusting each other. Do you want us to orgasm together? Do you want us to make a baby?

I don't know, you answer to me.

And I'm not brave enough. When you're sober, it will all be the same, and only regret will remain.

We're lying together for a couple of minutes.

We're out of cigarettes, you said. Let's go to the room and have a smoke.

The End

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