The SwampMature

When he's lying in his bed, the cat comes and lies down besides him. He caresses the cat, plays with it, then the cat jumps up and goes away. Maybe the cat thinks he won't let it go, will keep caressing him. But he lets the cat go.

Maybe that's what you wanted. Embrace you, never let go, but I can't. Stay, if you want, but that's something you should do, not me. I'm too tired.

We were in a swamp, the same green swamp, when I gave you my hand. I wanted to carry you out; but you wanted to know me first, trust me. I told you that you could walk away after we got out, even without me.

I was looking for solid ground and you were looking at me and holding my hand. And when the swamp swallowed us both, you let go of my hand, and I was looking for you, and couldn't find you anymore.

Mary was in my past and she still hurts. It's you now.

The End

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