The Night to Have Fun

I was board so I decided to write this. :P

I should have stayed at home.

Liz, Sophia, Olivia, Ava and I were going to go to  Miami Florida for spring break to let go and have fun.  When we got there, we booked a Hotel, un-packed our bags, walked around town until we found a car renting place, and rented a car. As soon as that was done, we went out to have fun. The club was open at 9:00, so we decided to do something different and went to the nearest Target. We strutted down the Isle acting like we owned the place. We tried on everything cute and took pictures, then got a couple of guys to pick some clothes out for us to try. After that, we set out for the club.

Liz drove like a maniac, totally ignoring the stop signs and nearly running over an elderly couple. She ran over a couple mailboxes and ran a few red lights. She didn't even pay attention to the "Caution: Deaf child Area" signs that were posted everywhere. 

We got to the club hoping to have even more excitement for the night, when we showed our fake ID's.  We were only 20 so we couldn't drink yet.   We laughed and told jokes and drank and mingled and danced till the sun came up. And continued even after then. I met a guy named Jacob and he was the nicest, most sweetest, most hottest guy I've ever met. I told him where I was from and why I was here. I told him that I just wanted to have some fun and live life to the fullest while I could. I thought he had understood... He lead me to the women's bathroom and locked the door.

I thought we would spice things up a bit as he started to kiss me, but things went wrong as his hand slowly crept up to my neck. I didn't acknowledge it yet, but now I realize that it was the worst mistake of my life. Literally.

"You should have stayed in L.A. sweety..." He murmured in my ear. I giggled like a Japanese school girl. 

Than he started to squeeze.

 I died that day...they still haven't found my body.

I should have stayed at home.

The End

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