The Night Shadow.

The brother of one of the most famous rulers has been murdered...and right under his own nose. Ansgar, not only being a King, but a detective, must figure out who the "Night Shadow" is, and why he killed his brother. Not only that, but he has to save his country from eternal Darkness


Chapter One: The Perfect Murder.

The train sped quickly on the bridge, with the gushing river below. I looked around me, using my sunglasses as a shield for my eyes. "Something is not right at all." I thought, noticing the man again. He kept looking at his watch, but was unnaturally still. Suddenly, I sneezed. Just as I had suspected, an Immortal. A Winter's Night Child. I watched him closely, looking for the Di Immortalis tattoo that all Immortals had. Yet, I saw none. "How strange. An Immortal that has none of the Runes or Markings of the Circle." I thought. A man suddenly stumbled by me, dropping a note onto my lap. It read, "Beware, Sun's Child, of the final sacrifice, for you could lose all that you love." I looked up startled that someone knew one of my Titles! I looked frantically around, but the man was nowhere to be seen, nor the Immortal. "Damn it!" I hissed to myself. The train reached the next station, and as the passengers where leaving, I saw the Vampire leave as well. I got up, and reached for my cane and followed. "How strange to see one of the Winter's Children outside in sunlight." I thought curiously. I sneezed again, and when I opened my eyes, he was gone. "Damn it all!" I cursed aloud. Several people stopped to look at me. I glared back it them, and kept walking along. Walked down from the platform and saw my old friend waiting for me. " 'ello Ansgar." He said smiling, taking my luggage from me. "Hello Alistair. How are things? The Guardians are behaving?" I said, trying to keep up with his pace. "They're fine. They know not to mess with your second in command." I smiled cheerfully. As we exited, a woman screamed. I turned and ran as fast I could inside. Hanging from the cieling was the Winter's Child...still alive. "Help me Ansgar." He croaked. Then he died. I suddenly knew who he was. He was my own blood brother, Leoneigh Lunae. I turned and emptied my stomach in a rubbish bin before passing out. Someone had commited the perfect murder. So perfect, that it had happened under my own nose. The nose of the world's greatest leader, Ansgar Amergin, and second greatest detective to my own uncle, Sherlyk.

The End

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