Night Writing

The wonders of insomnia.. I have been teased by my children, they say I am just busy all the time.. that isn't exactly true.. my MIND is busy all the time.

My body starts to shut down around 8pm and my eyes will start to droop but, this is the magic time for my conscious and unconscious mind to play hide and seek.

Try as I might I can't turn it off, I have tried breathing exercises, I have tried exercises.. I have tried meditation.. guess what happens?

A grand world of imagination opens, words seem to assault my brain and push their way out through my fingers onto protagonize,, helium. associated content.. I am all over the place.

During the night my thoughts appear clearer and much more accesible.  I am able to grasp meanings and compose my stories..

This is one of the wonders of insomnia.. for me , it leads to Night Writing..

The End

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