The Night Before An Essay's Due

First of all, you do not abandon your usual the-internet's-still-on-so-let's-surf-the-web-for-the-heck-of-it routine:

You check your e-mail in Outlook, in case anyone sent you anything since the afternoon

You check your e-mail in Hotmail, in case anyone sent you anything since the afternoon

You log-on to Facebook to see if that friend - also a Night Owl - replied to your comment of 5 o'clock

You log-on to Gaia for no apparent reason, and log-out again

You log-on to Wordpress to see if anyone actually read your blog today (midnight officially marks the end of the day, so too bad)

You close the tab to that automatically opened in your browser

You log-on to Protagonize


Here, at the last site, you finally find things to occupy you for at least an hour to two and a half hours.


Then - away from the computer - other things to do at night (a.k.a. procrastinating) include:

Reading a good book

Re-reading a better book

Sneaking chocolates from that box you got at Christmas

Flipping through that magazine you didn't intentionally subscribe to

Listening to music on your mp3 player while staring into space

Bossing your deserving little brother around

Taking a shower


Around one, you'll finally start on that report, you predict. You can't start too early or you'll never pull that all-nighter, earning you an invitation to the daily MSN all-nighters conversation.

The End

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