New Years Eve Night 2008

It's cold outside, I talk to my friend and she tells me about a party.  She is excited and names  about six different types of drinks they are going to have.  I just laugh and tell her that I will be staying right here where I am now.  In my room and, that's what I do.  I spend part of the night with you, albeit online, it is satisfying to me.  With the 3 hour difference in time, I know you are ready for your easy chair about  7:30 my time.. Good night baby..
I turn the television on to CSI Miami.. grab the phone and call the Dandelions, we talk and laugh for a few.  I tell them good night, settle the dogs and myself down for the night.
Turning off the television I bask in the glow of the Fantastic Flame screen saver that has ignited the Butterfly you painted for me.  I listen to the train in the distance and close my eyes.  I hear gunshots, I open my eyes and pray no one got hurt, look at the clock 12:01am .. well hello 2009...

The End

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